Every child is special and is endowed with immense potentialities, we have to give them opportunities to utilize their skills and let them grow from sapling to a huge strong tree that provides fruit and shade to all. We have qualified teachers who help in all-round development of the child.

There are special provisions in school to bring out the hidden talents of the students and instill self confidence in them.

We have talented and qualified teachers for Yoga, Music, Dance, Skating, Embroidery, Marshal Arts, Drama training for students. We are planning of adding the activity of chess for the mental development.

A huge hall and the few building for regular working of the school has enabled us to realize the dream of our founder.

We also have a big playground along with a Tennis court attached to the school building, where our budding sportsmen practice and make their presence felt by showing their achievement in the sports world.

A  good set up A.V rooms, computer labs, science laboratory for students to practice and individual handling of scientific experiments has resulted in enhancing the student interest in science, the need of today. D.V.S gives special attention to this.

A good library with a large collection of books, periodical, science and craft encyclopedia, literary books in all the three languages and an easy access of students in the library inculcates reading habit in them. Books are our never failing friends.

We have always strived hard in the direction of on overall personality development of our students and will continue to do so.

Our facilities in a gist is as follows :

1. Play-way method for Pre-primary Section.

2. Excellent coaching with Audio Visual Aids & Sports equipments.

3. Well maintained Computer lab with computers on the basis of one computer one student.

4. Trained and friendly teaching staff.

5. Spacious and clean class rooms.

6. A big play ground for Physical Education and Sports training, Open campus.

7. Various Co-curricular Activities like- Karate, Marshal Arts, Gymnastics, Skating, Dance, croset (Qureshia) etc.

8. SMS facility to communicate with parents.

9. Individual parent login for viewing students grades.