Dnyan Vikas English Medium School is a co-educational institution, imparting instruction as per the guidelines of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education. It strives to achieve all round personality development of students. Development of students along with inculcating qualities like elf-reliance, tolerance, courtesy, discipline etc.


In keeping with the old saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” the school lays emphasis of physical activities Athletics, Swimming, Tennis, Throw-ball, Kho-Kho, Yoga Meditation etc. with a view to promote competitive spirit, leadership and a healthy attitude towards sports and other activities the “House System” is presently in existence.

Parent – Teachers Meeting

In order to ensure positive improvement in the academic achievements of students, meetings between the parents and teachers are regularly held after every unit test and terminal examination for all the classes. Constructive suggestions from parents are favorably considered.

Students – Counselling

Our management is planning to have a full-fledged counselling department with highly qualified and experienced counsellors with special education. They will help children with behavioural problems and learning disorders.

Teacher’s Committee

In order to enable / facilitate the smooth running of the various programmes / events, of our curriculum, a committee comprising of the faculty and administrative members has been formed to look after / ensure activities related to Cultural, Discipline, Sports, Snacks Refreshments, Decoration, Cleanliness.